REVIEW: Dj Sneak Bday Beats @ 794 Bathurst #Toronto #HouseMusic

Last weekend I was invited to, and finally visited, 794 Bathurst – the new venue for Footwork events in Toronto.  Having a long stint in the entertainment district just off of King West, last month we saw Footwork close its doors and were anxious to see what would come next.  Situated across the street from Bathurst subway station, and just a few doors south of Toronto landmark, St. Peter’s, 794 Bathurst is the venue formally known as the Annex Wreckroom.


What a great venue this is.  To put size into perspective, it’s probably double (if not slightly more than) the size of what Footwork was.  It’s large enough for people to move around and not interrupt those who are punishing the dancefloor, yet small enough to maintain that intimate setting the old Footwork was known for.


I caught most of the birthday boy’s (Dj Sneak) back-to-back set with Mark Farina, and really enjoyed the sexy house, with a touch of tech – it was the perfect combination for the seasoned clubbers that were in attendance. If you’re planning to hit this place up, take note: it’s not the kind of club where phones or cameras are out taking blurry pictures of djs, and there’s definitely no shoulder riding. The people were there for the love of the music.


Overall, I had a fantastic time in the new space. As was expected from the Footwork team, a great venue at a great location. I’m still curious to see what they’ll be naming it, as 794 Bathurst, while different, just doesn’t have that “Footwork” ring to it.

Until the next event, see you on the dancefloor.


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